♡ big time rush or gtfo ♡

Kendall Schmidt is pretty much the definition of perfection.

i really love lucy hale




"can we get back to the way it was?"

[your favorite color is] Blue. Your favorite food, is veggie pizza. If you could own any animal in the world, it would be the ocelot. The nectarine, is your favorite fruit. Your first crush, was Ellen Fickety; cause of her cute laugh! Oh, and I know your biggest secret! But I swore I’d never speak those words out loud!”

"victoria justice and zumba fitness: shake" teaser

shes so cute i cant deal

Big Time Rush meme: six quotes [4/6]
→ Look where we are, we’re all up here together. That’s my dream and we made it come true.


Transparent Squidward (to clean up ur dirty ass blog)


ok so i have a guitar exam coming up at school and i need to pick a song to perform. so far i’m thinking drive by incubus because it’s challenging but does anyone else have any suggestions? :)


The reason I love you is YOU